Being here,  in what will no longer be

Performance by Alessandro Carboni
Festival Crisalide
Teatro Felix Guattari, Forli, 9pm
02nd October 2015

Alessandro Carboni presents the performance Being here in what will not longer be at Crisalide Festival on 2nd of October at Teatro Felix Guattari, Forli, 9pm. On this occasion, the artist presents his latest research through a performance and a talk. This moment is preceded by a phase of study-research during which the artist conducts the workshop EM:tools for urban mapping and performance practices on 1st of October at Ex-Fabbrica delle Candele.

Being here in what will not longer be
by Alessandro Carboni

The performance is a composition of series of situations that I collected with my body in Hong Kong during the clashes and protests in November 2014. The performance is an attempt to rethink the body as cartographic and mapping tool able to physically relate with situations that occur in urban space and reconfigure them with a choreographic thinking. The project is part of Alessandro Carboni’s PhD research Performing Urban Complexity, School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong.

Performance with: Alessandro Carboni
Interactive media: Emanuele Lomello
Production: Formati Sensibili – art&science mashups
duration: 30min
Thanks to: Mousike’
info: masque teatro

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