The Italian platform of the project Always Becoming by Alessandro Carboni is over! It has been an erratically journey between theory and practice to explore the tensions that rule the contemporary city. The Bologna platform has involved performers, artists, theorists and curators, sharing research materials, thoughts and ideas around the body as a analysis tool of urban space. Through workshops, Open_Mic, installations and performances we have reflected on the urban space, no longer as a given, but as a practiced place. Special thanks goes to the performer Alice Mazzetti, Aristide Rontini, Martina Piazzi; to Piersandra Di Matteo for the theoretical and curatorial consult; Massimo Carozzi and Anna de Manincor (ZimmerFrei), Lorenza Pignatti and Lorenzo Tripodi (Ogino: Knauss) for research support; Chiara Castaldini and Enrico De Stavola for assistance and documentation; Ateliersi’ team for their support and hospitality. Appointment to the next stage of Always Becoming project, stay tuned !!!

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