Performance by Alessandro Carboni (2009)

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Concept, performance and object media-base: Alessandro Carboni
Technical assistance: Fabio Atzeni
Production | Formati Sensibili, 2009-2017
Co-production: 1a space (Hong Kong); partnership programme | CCDC Dance Centre (Hong Kong)
Support: Wallace Chang-School of Architecture, CUHK), Choi Yan Chi (1a space), Tse Yin Mo (Art Product Promotion), Anthony Siu Kwok-Kin (Research Institute of China. History and Department of Chinese), Wing Sze Blake (Community Development), Leung sik-lun (Vice-president of Nga tsin Wai community)

An investigation on the relationship between city and body and how it is able to shape the city and how it is transformed in relation to urban transformation. The performance attempt to rethink the urban space, not as something given, but as a place of experience and production in the body, in its various specific aspects, becomes the agent of change and fulcrum of discussion. Inverse Power of Wavelengths is a hybrid territory and cross-disciplinary experimentation in which the observation and documentation urban are the key elements of a performing and visual interpretation.

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