OOFFOURO| collaborative project by Alessandro Carboni and Danilo Casti (2001-2008)

From the early 2000 to the end of the 2008, I have been fully focused on the project Ooffouro. I have been working with Danilo Casti, a musician from Sardinia. Together, we have been based in London and Poland making, producing dance, visual and sound performance and touring extensively around Europe.

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L1 (2009)
WBNR (2008)
ABQ (2007)
E.Co EN.AU.BO.CI (2006)
DOC.K.COD (2005)
E.Co AU.BO.CI (2005)
E.Co EN.AU.BO (2004)
E.Co AU.BO (2004)
CLIMAX_project EPIGENESI (2004)
CLIMAX_project GENESI: The vision of the world through an instant (2003)
Prometeo o viaggio nel regno del non ritorno (2001)

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