Learning Curves/Kaitak River
Interdisciplinary research project on places of contact between natural and urban landscape in Hong Kong.
Project by Alessandro Carboni, 2008-2012

Since 2008, Alessandro Carboni has been working around Kai Tak River, Hong Kong focusing his research on Nga Tsin Wai village, one of the latest rural villages in Kowloon. Taking this as a point of departure, Carboni has been examining local disappearing urban spaces, which overlap with several discrete boundaries within Kai Tak River, Kowloon Walled City and To Kwa Wan. The project aims not merely to show the general phenomenon of urban transformation, but to inspire people to consider how art practice, being a discipline for active production of thinking, affects the city and how it respond to our bodies and spaces. The urban river redevelopment becomes a metaphor for change of a whole community. Recently, he presented the performance Learning Curves, Kaitak River, at the XIII Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

website: http://learningcurveskaitakriver.wordpress.com/


with the support:
Urban Place Unit – Wallace Chang Ping Hung, Hong Kong
the Unit for Community Building is formally part of the Department of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
1aspace Gallery, Hong Kong
City Contemporary Dance Company, CCDC, Hong Kong

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